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Unleash the Musical Marvels and build Rockstar Confidence in young minds.


Experience the Ultimate Aural Adventure with Music Kids Academy

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At Music Kids Academy, we firmly believe that no child should ever feel limited in their musical journey.  Throughout history, music has thrived as a communal experience, with an aural instruction prevailing over written notation.  With our Music Kids Academy Build a Band in a Day, we tap into this time-honoured technique, igniting a profound “wow” moment for each child and teacher involved.  Witness your students’ genuine sense of accomplishment, as well as the concrete evidence to showcase their musical triumphs


Music Kids Academy is making waves as an award-winning leader in music education, innovation and business.

The Magic Behind the Music: A Journey of Melodic Discovery

Prepare to be amazed by the Music Kids Academy Build a Band in a Day, an extraordinary musical journey that brings classrooms to life with the magic of music.  This one-of-a-kind experience is tailor made for students with varying musical backgrounds, from those taking regular lessons to those with little or no prior knowledge.

During this captivating event, our team of skilled educators will guide the students through an immersive musical adventure, resulting in a recorded piece of music performed by the class and their fellow peers.  It’s a remarkable opportunity for students to showcase their newfound musical talents and feel the exhilaration of performing as a unified band.

The secret to this incredible success lies in our time-honoured teaching technique, focusing on auditory learning.  Through active listening and hands-on involvement, children absorb the melodies and rhythms, which they quickly translate into their own musical expressions.

In this transformative day, your students will explore the captivating world of music, absorbing melodies and rhythms through hands-on involvement and active listening.


By the end of the experience, they'll find their own musical expressions bursting forth, showcasing newfound talents with a contagious sense of joy and accomplishment.

The beauty of "Build a Band in a Day" lies in its inclusivity – every student will find a place in the ensemble, showcasing their unique musical potential. Even those with little or no prior experience will blossom, gaining the confidence to shine through solos and leadership roles.


As teachers and music coordinators you’ll witness the transformation of your students into confident, expressive musicians, setting the stage to an unforgettable musical journey.


Get ready to elevate the spirit of music in your school and ignite the passion for the arts among your students.  


Join us for a day of musical bliss and watch as the magic of music weaves its enchanting spell on your students.


Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary musical adventure with Music Kids Academy?  

Witness the power of music unfolding before your eyes. 

Let your students’ creativity soar and orchestrate a symphony of musical marvels with Music Kids Academy's Build a Band in a Day

Instruments Galore:

Leave the instrument logistics to us – we'll bring the musical treasure trove to your school, providing every child with the chance to explore music's enchantment.


Expert Guidance:

Our skilled musical professionals will lead the way, imparting their knowledge and passion for an unforgettable musical journey.


Double the Fun:

Opt for our half-day option to let two classes experience this musical extravaganza within a single day.

A Symphony of Inclusion:

Every child plays a vital part, assigned to different sections of the band, embracing diversity in music and empowering individual expression.


Captivating Creativity:

Watch as your students unleash their creative genius, composing harmonies that will resonate for a lifetime.

Confidence Booster:

Encourage leadership skills and self-assurance as students take center stage with solos and instrumental solos.

An Enduring Keepsake:

Treasure the musical memories forever with professionally recorded performances and evidence, a priceless memento to cherish.


A Perfect WOW Day Addition:

Elevate your school's WOW day to soaring heights with this enchanting blend of learning and music.


Unleashing Joy:

Experience the infectious excitement and joy that music can bring, inspiring students to embrace the magic of sound.


A Musical Legacy:

Ignite a passion for music that will stay with your students throughout their lives, a timeless gift to empower young minds.


Our customers are grooving to our rhythm - and we're loving the beat!

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