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Unlock the Music Magic: Award-Winning Full Class Music Tuition!


Discover a Symphony of Possibilities as Your Students Dive into the World of Music with Our Engaging Full Class Music Tuition

Attention all educators and school administrators! Get ready to rock your students' world with Full Class Music Tuition from Music Kids Academy. We believe that music education is not just another subject—it's a gateway to a world of work, culture, intellect, and human connection.


By offering our structured and inclusive music lessons, your students will experience a holistic education that fosters creativity, teamwork, and intellectual growth. From ukulele strumming to clarinet melodies, trumpet blasts to trombone slides, keyboard tunes to vocal harmonies, we've got the instruments and expertise to ignite a musical revolution in your classrooms. So, step into the spotlight and let our full class tuition take your students on a harmonious journey like no other!


Music Kids Academy is making waves as an award-winning leader in music education, innovation and business.

Get this for your school without spending a penny of your precious budget with our FREE music for schools program!

At Music Kids Academy, we believe that every child deserves access to the joy of music education. That's why we offer our exciting FREE music for schools program.


It's a fantastic opportunity for your school to enrich the lives of students without breaking the bank. Through this program, we provide engaging and expert-led music lessons for whole classes and groups, completely free of charge.


Our structured curriculum ensures that students receive a comprehensive music education while having a blast exploring rhythm, melody, and harmony. So, why wait? Join our FREE music for schools program and let the music take center stage in your school!

Book Full Class Tuition and prepare to be amazed by the transformational power of music education. Your students will be grooving, harmonizing, and marching to the beat of their own musical masterpiece. Don't miss out on this incredible musical adventure—book your spot today!

Unlock the Music Magic: Award-Winning Full Class Music Tuition!

Discover a Symphony of Possibilities as Your Students Dive into the World of Music with Our Engaging Full Class Music Tuition

FULLY INCLUSIVE music making:

Every student gets to be part of the music magic, with additional activities for those who are more musically inclined.

A range of instrument choices:

No instruments? No problem! Let Music Kids Academy provide the instruments your students need to unleash their musical talents.

Structured lessons made easy:

Say goodbye to planning headaches! We'll send you comprehensive schemes of work and lesson plans in advance, so you'll be fully prepared for the Big 'O'—that's the Orchestra, by the way!

Book in a performance:

Wow your audience with a stunning performance completely free of charge. Get ready for standing ovations and thunderous applause!

Fulfills syllabus requirements:

Our Full Class Tuition covers all the basic requirements of your music syllabus, ensuring compliance without any extra effort.

Engaging and fun:

Watch your students' faces light up as they delve into the joy of music-making, building confidence and unlocking their creative potential.

Teamwork triumphs:

Foster a sense of unity and collaboration among your students as they work together to create beautiful music.

Trackable progress:

Witness measurable improvements in your students' musical skills and understanding as they embark on this exciting musical journey.

Lifelong love of music:

Instill a lifelong passion for music in your students, opening doors to a world of cultural appreciation and personal expression.

It's FREE:

Yes, you heard it right! Our Full Class Tuition can be taken for FREE, making it an unbeatable opportunity for your school.


Our customers are grooving to our rhythm - and we're loving the beat!

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Ready to empower your students through personalized one-to-one music tuition from Kids Music Academy? Click the Enroll button below to schedule a meeting, free trial and experience the benefits of our award-winning music education program for yourself. Don't wait - let us help your students unlock their full musical potential and inspire them to greatness!

Not quite right for you? Let's create the perfect music program for your school! Our interactive tool makes it easy to find a solution that fits your unique needs and goals

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