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Unlock the Power of Music and Language: Implement a Sign Choir for Makaton Magic!


Signing and Singing in Perfect Harmony: Sign Choir Takes Your School Choir to New Heights of Inclusivity!

Prepare to witness a groundbreaking moment in your school's musical journey! Music Kids Academy proudly presents Sign Choir, a revolutionary choir experience that combines the universal language of music with the enchanting art of Makaton signing. Get ready to be blown away as all children, regardless of their abilities, come together to create a symphony of melodies and Makaton magic. Sign Choir pushes the boundaries of your school choir, providing a unique opportunity for your students to embrace inclusivity, expand their linguistic horizons, and embark on a truly unforgettable musical adventure.


Music Kids Academy is making waves as an award-winning leader in music education, innovation and business.

Unleash the Harmonious Magic: Sign Choir Sets the Stage for Inclusive Expression and Linguistic Brilliance!

Imagine a choir where every child's voice is heard and celebrated, regardless of their abilities. Sign Choir combines the power of music with the beauty of Makaton signing, creating an extraordinary experience that engages all students in an inclusive and innovative way.


As they sing and sign in perfect harmony, your students will discover the true essence of collaboration, communication, and the limitless possibilities of expression. Sign Choir is not just a choir—it's a transformative journey that celebrates the unique abilities and diverse talents of each and every child.


Made famous by the hit TV Show 'Britain's Got Talent' Sign Choir goes beyond traditional choir experiences, creating an inclusive space where every child can participate and shine.


Through the magical blend of music and Makaton signing, students not only sing melodies but also express themselves through beautiful hand movements, fostering a sense of connection and understanding.

This unique fusion enhances communication skills, empathy, and emotional expression, laying the foundation for a compassionate and accepting generation. Students learn to communicate in new ways, embracing diversity and creating an environment where differences are celebrated.

The confidence and pride that arise from being part of Sign Choir extend well beyond the singing and signing sessions. With each performance, students grow in self-assurance, standing as beacons of inspiration and unity. Sign Choir provides a transformative experience, empowering young minds to appreciate the beauty of diversity and the universal language of music.

Join Sign Choir at Music Kids Academy, and watch your students embark on an extraordinary journey where music and signing converge to create a symphony of empowerment, harmony, and boundless possibilities.

Unlock the Power of Music and Language: Implement a Sign Choir for Makaton Magic!

Signing and Singing in Perfect Harmony: Sign Choir Takes Your School Choir to New Heights of Inclusivity!

FULLY inclusive music making:

Sign Choir embraces all students, including those with special needs, fostering a sense of belonging and celebrating their unique talents.

Expanding linguistic horizons:

Makaton signing enhances language development, communication skills, and cultural awareness among students.

Syllabus fulfillment:

Sign Choir fulfills your school's music syllabus requirements while promoting inclusivity and linguistic brilliance.

Empowering expression:

By combining signing and singing, Sign Choir provides a platform for students to express themselves confidently and creatively.

Magical musical performances:

Witness the awe-inspiring moments when your students perform in front of an audience, captivating them with their harmonious melodies and expressive signing.

Boosting self-esteem:

Sign Choir helps students build confidence, self-belief, and a strong sense of accomplishment through their participation in a unique and inclusive musical endeavor.

Cultural appreciation:

Makaton signing introduces students to the rich diversity of sign language and enhances their understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

Teamwork and collaboration:

Sign Choir fosters teamwork, cooperation, and respect among students as they synchronize their signing and singing.

Inclusive communication:

Sign Choir encourages students to develop empathy, understanding, and effective communication skills by embracing multiple forms of expression.

Forever memories:

Sign Choir creates lifelong memories for students, parents, and teachers alike, as they witness the transformative power of music, language, and inclusivity.


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