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Where Imagination Meets Music: An Unforgettable Adventure Awaits!


Prepare for an Out-of-this-World WOW Day with Music Kids Academy!

Get ready to elevate your WOW day to extraordinary heights with Music Kids Academy! We firmly believe that music is the ultimate fusion of subjects, making it the perfect centerpiece for an awe-inspiring WOW day. Picture a day where your chosen topic bursts into life, entwined with mesmerizing musical elements, creating an enriching and captivating adventure for all. From ancient civilizations to enchanting fairy tales, our experienced team crafts exhilarating WOW days that seamlessly blend your selected themes with the magic of music. It's not just a day of fun; it's an opportunity to align your school's objectives and curriculum with the sheer joy of music.


Music Kids Academy is making waves as an award-winning leader in music education, innovation and business.

Welcome to a WOW Day like Never Before: Unleash the Power of Music!

At Music Kids Academy, we don't just deliver WOW days; we create magical and transformative experiences that leave a lasting impression on students and staff alike. Our WOW days are tailor-made to complement your school's unique themes, igniting imaginations and fostering creativity through the universal language of music.

In the realm of WOW days, music-based experiences resonate like a captivating symphony, orchestrating unparalleled benefits for young minds. Unlike conventional WOW days, music-infused experiences engage multiple senses simultaneously, creating a multi-dimensional learning adventure that goes beyond textbooks and traditional methods. The harmonious blend of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic elements deepens students' understanding and retention of the subject matter, making the learning journey a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.


Music has an exceptional ability to evoke emotions and resonate with students' hearts, fueling enthusiasm for learning and nurturing a genuine passion for the WOW day's theme. The emotional connection they form with the melodies and rhythms fosters a love for the subject matter and kindles an enduring curiosity to explore further. Music's power to evoke feelings of joy, wonder, and empathy enhances the students' emotional intelligence, making them more receptive to absorbing knowledge and appreciating different perspectives.

Moreover, music ignites boundless creativity, encouraging students to explore and experiment fearlessly. The artistic freedom they experience during the music-based WOW day infuses the event with innovative ideas and unique perspectives. By breaking the class into small groups and collaborating as an ensemble, students learn the value of teamwork, empathy, and collective achievement. This inclusivity fosters a supportive and encouraging learning environment where every student's voice is heard, boosting their confidence and sense of belonging.


Music-based WOW days enrich students' holistic development, enhancing not only their academic skills but also their emotional, social, and cognitive faculties.


The enduring impact of music-infused WOW days lingers in students' hearts long after the event, making the lessons learned cherished milestones in their educational journey. As they perform together as a unified ensemble, students experience the thrill of collaboration and the empowerment that comes with mastering their musical talents.

Join us at Music Kids Academy for a WOW day like no other—a day filled with melodic magic, creative exploration, and transformative learning experiences.


Let music be the guiding force that elevates your school's WOW days to a whole new crescendo of engagement, inspiration, and educational enrichment. Witness the symphony of young minds as they embark on a musical journey that leaves an indelible mark on their academic growth and lifelong love for learning.


Allow the universal language of music to take your WOW days to extraordinary heights, empowering students with a sense of wonder, joy, and a thirst for knowledge that transcends boundaries and fosters a lifelong love for the art of sound.


At Music Kids Academy, we embrace challenges, and we invite you to put us to the test!  Book your WOW day and provide us with your chosen topic.  Should we not succeed in designing an awe-inspiring experience around it, we’ll not only offer you the day for free but present you with a £500 as a gesture of our sincere apology. 

We are fully committed to delivering an extraordinary day that your school will cherish forever.

Unlock the potential of music to inspire and enrich your students’ learning journey.

Embrace the WOW factor with Music Kids Academy and create memories that will resonate for years to come!

Customised Instrument Supply:

We adapt to your school's preferences, utilizing your existing instrument supply or crafting our own musical tools. From everyday objects to extraordinary sound-makers, we curate a symphony of innovative instruments for an unforgettable musical extravaganza.

Expert Led Sessions:

Our team of trained musical professionals orchestrate the entire WOW day, bringing music to life in the most enchanting ways. With flexible scheduling, we cater to multiple classes and year groups, ensuring every student experiences the magic of music firsthand.

Inclusivity at Its Finest:

Embracing the true spirit of music, our WOW days are designed to be fully inclusive, allowing every child to shine. Through engaging small group activities, each student is empowered with a meaningful role to play in the musical journey.


Capturing Precious Memories:

We understand the significance of preserving these extraordinary moments, and that's why we record every captivating session. The recordings and evidence from the day become a cherished keepsake for your school, celebrating the musical strides made by your students.

Elevate Learning Objectives:

Our WOW days expertly blend curriculum objectives with the joy of music, enhancing learning engagement and making abstract concepts come alive through melodies and rhythms.

Foster Teamwork and Collaboration:

Music ignites teamwork and cooperation like no other, encouraging students to harmonize and create together, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

Stimulate Creativity:

Unlock the power of creativity as students explore their artistic flair through music, enriching their overall learning experience.

Boost Confidence and Expression:

Music empowers students to express themselves confidently, cultivating self-assurance that transcends beyond the music classroom.

Bring Joy and Excitement:

Infuse your WOW day with an irresistible sense of fun, excitement, and wonder, making it a truly unforgettable event for students and teachers alike.

Interactive and Immersive:

Our WOW days captivate students through interactive activities, encouraging active participation and making learning a delightfully immersive experience.


Our customers are grooving to our rhythm - and we're loving the beat!

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